Bath Board

The Bath Board is adjustable and easily fits across the width of the bath to provide a safe seat for the user.

4 Wheeled Stroller (Rollator)

Our 4 wheeled Strollers are very stable, with easy to use brakes,  and are fitted with a built in seat , and a shopping bag.

Toilet Seat Riser

The elevated toiler riser is designed to give you the elevation you need while still using your own toilet seat.

Toilet Hand Rail

The Toilet hand rail fits around the sides of the toilet, to give the user stability when getting  up from the toilet.

Shower Stool

The Shower stool easily fits inside the shower cubicle to give the user a safe seat whilst enjoying a shower.

Shower Commode

Our commodes have 4 lockable wheels and can be rolled around then locked in place for the comfort of the user, the basin easily slides out for cleaning.

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